Proven & Repeatable Sales Process

In activity bases sales you take control of your sales process with using a proven and repeatable sales process at the heart of your sales activities

Getting Started

We begin with a free consultation and assessment that evaluates and measures the effectiveness of your sales process and any skills gaps. 

Tools to Better Monitor, Measure and Control

Take control of your sales team with easy monitoring tools that maximize your sales team's up-time selling and insure they are doing all the activities that will result in sales..   

3 Secrets Your Salespeople Are Not Telling You

There are secrets to sales success that your best salespeople do not want you to know

Unlocking The Secrets to Sales Success

Treat Selling Like the Process It Is

The Activity Based Sales System is a process and a system.  It acknowledges that sales is scientific, manageable, takes certain skills and abilities and can be controlled like any other process.  It is not smoke and mirrors or some kind of black art.  It consists of a series of activities and actions which ultimately lead to a sale.  If you are not doing them, you will never sell anything. 

If you wait for your salespeople to report their orders instead of their activities, you are probably wasting a lot of time and money being both inefficient and unproductive.  Worse, you are likely spending a lot of money on salespeople who not only are not and never will succeed.  

ABSS brings science and a process orientation to sales.  It recognizes that success requires your salespeople have a proven and repeatable process to follow, the right behavior and attitudes to succeed, the skill to implement it and that you are monitoring and managing their activities.  Successful companies all:

  • Have and know their proven and repeatable sales process
  • Manage the activities necessary to succeed in selling
  • Train their salespeople in the skills needed for their process
  • Hire people with key behaviors and attitudes necessary to succeed 

Activity Based Sales Skills Training

In activity bases sales you need selling skills appropriate for your sales process to succeed. ABSS provides skills training specific to your proven and repeatable sales process

Hire Right to Maximize Your Sales Results

You must hire salespeople with the right behaviors and attitudes to succeed with your sales process